Everything you want to learn about e-commerce is in one place.

E-Commerce is a method of e-shopping that allows you to trade or order a product or service through a website with various payment methods.

Since your site will receive orders and your customers will maintain personal information, the security of your backend will ensure that you will be protected from future financial and moral losses.

Once you have created your e-commerce site, you need to invite your customers to your site. That’s why it’s important for you to advertise. But there are tricks you need to be aware of when advertising.

We can say “E-Export” where the e-commerce, individual customer and micro export trimesters intersect.

If we will summarize the Micro Exports; ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) is the name given to the exports of 150,000 KG and 7,500 EURO.

Yes, you are required to be in business. Also, according to the laws and regulations, you must be a member of the Etbis system and it is necessary to get a Kep address.