Shopgez Portal

It’s time to meet Shopgez Portal. We also publish our customers’ e-commerce stores in Shopgez Portal. From E-Commerce, we are supporting and cooperating with you in your first steps in Customer Sensing. The first steps in E-Commerce are the toughest steps, and it is our goal to accompany you to these steps and support to keep the progeny alive.

Portal Publishing

We have close to 150,000 free certified members at Shopgez Portal. We also publish your e-commerce site in Shopgez Portal and present it to our members.

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Notice to Members

We are introducing our e-commerce merchant to Shopgez Portal members. We send general information about your store and your products, and we keep you informed about your campaigns.

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Members Campaign

We create and distribute special campaigns and discounts with you to Shopgez Portal members.

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Free E-commerce

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