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Chip \ E-commerce Mobile

In most countries click on mobile ads in 2021, Turkey’s e-commerce sector is expected to grow 49 percent share of the mobile.

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AA \ The Effects of E-commerce

increasingly growing e-commerce sector in Turkey has increased its cargo industry that delivers products to customers.

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Sabah \ Future of Exports on the Internet

In 2020, it is expected that the world E-Commerce volume, including E-Export, will reach 10 trillion dollars.

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Chip \ 2017 Online Shopping

online shopping habits of consumers in Turkey in 2017, was announced.

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Digitalage \ New Trend of E-commerce

Subscription model newly developing in Turkey, trying to get a share of the market make the transition to this system available to companies engaged in e-commerce

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Hürriyet \ E-commerce Grows

Cihan Koçer, Chairman of Antep Sepeti, participated in the program entitled ‘Agenda Technology’ presented by Hande Berktan on Bloomberg TV and said that the buying habits changed with the internet.

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TGRT Haber \ 2018 Goal of E-commerce

The target of e-commerce in 2018 is targeted to reach 50 billion TL.

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Milliyet \ E-commerce Will Determine the Future of Kobilerin

The SME E-commerce Summit was held in Istanbul with the participation of more than 400 companies.

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Webrazzi \ Global E-Commerce in the World

The development of retail and e-commerce in the global world was discussed.

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Sabah \ 7-Form of Success in E-Export

The e-commerce sector is growing day by day. In addition to domestic sales, E-Commerce companies, which focus on overseas sales, are making breakthroughs for E-Exports.

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