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Buypasa. The first free, uncommitted market place in the world. Buypasa was also the first national domestic and global market place in Turkey.

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Monkeyce, global software and design team. Monkeyce in the field of domestic and foreign expertise in their fields to meet with the strong step to join the technology.

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With PayPal, millions of new customers are waiting for you. 216 countries, 40 currencies, one-click payment.

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Meet Garanti Bank, Virtual POS, Pos, Bonus solutions Accelerate your domestic and foreign collections.

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Do not miss customers with Criteo digital marketing. Be your guests, your customers. Increase your conversion rate, wing your sales.

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Easily single-pay and install payment over a single center with “Payu” secure payment infrastructure.

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Meet Iyzico payment solutions, animate your collections quickly, easily and securely.

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Google Adwords

Discover the world of Google with Google Adwords. Evaluate sales-focused digital marketing solutions. Get among the winners.

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Streamline your business with Verimor Audio, Sms and Switchboard solutions. Give your customers full-time support.

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Mailviki, mass mailing and marketing methods give your sales momentum new momentum.

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Smsviki, bulk sms send and marketing methods to win new customers, increase your stature.

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Address millions of Facebook and Instagram ads, promote your brand, and recognize borders.

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