In the previous article we gave you some information about E-Commerce and why we responded to the E-Commerce question. Those who want to reach my previous writing can reach here. E-Export is the reason, if the question will come in the answer. We can say “E-Export” where the e-commerce, individual customer and micro export trimesters intersect.

For example; You can perform sales and sales in your sales and sales for your customers and sales related to your site in your e-commerce site. Congratulations, I experienced your first E-Exports.

Although e-export has recently begun to attract interest in our country, this issue is not new to us. Nowadays E-exports are very easy, there are numerous vendor / buyer beneficiaries for all parties.

Advantages of E-Exports have been affected by the advantages of Micro Exports. If we will summarize the Micro Exports; ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) is the name given to the exports of 150,000 KG and 7,500 EURO. ETGB is a code created by operators in electronic form. There is no need for customs consultants to create ETGB.

When we step in international trade, we have to comply with strict and inexcusable rules. International Exporting Regulations, the tax-free enterprises, the rights and security of the citizens, bilateral agreements and agreements with other countries are taken into account and rules are established with a whole of these parts. But E-Export easily overtakes most of these laws and opens the door for easy export.

With the increase in interest in the E-Export country, new incentives and government support have been established and it is enough for the requesting people to make projects and apply with the required documents.

We told you about E-Exports in this writing, the answer of the question and its benefits. You can contact us for your relevant questions or for further information.